By: sankar | June 07, 2017

Top 5 SEO Alternatives

In our SEO Training in Chennai, course, you will not only learn about best On page and Off page SEO techniques, You will also learn some of the best SEO alternatives. In this blog post we will sum up some of these areas.

SEO , in other words organic listing contributes to about 51% of the traffic. The remaining 49%of the traffic comes from various sources like Paid Ads, Banner ads, Referral links , Email links etc.. Of all these techniques we identified the following as top 5 SEO alternatives and included that in our training program.

  1. Adwords: This PPC model accounts to about 10% to 15% of the link clicks. This is a huge number that can not be discarded. Negative side is, it is getting costlier.
  2. Quora: Suppose , if you cannot afford both SEO and Adwords, then we would suggest the quora as the best alternative. It is a platform where people ask questions and get answered by other members. It is fairly transparent platform It is getting increasingly popular everyday.
  3. Lead Generation Companies: If you cannot do SEO and cannot afford Adwords, the next best thing is purchase leads from lead generation companies like JustDial, Sulekha, yet5 etc.. where they use effective SEO and other strategies to capture leads.
  4. Strategic E-Mail Campaign:  You can purchase high quality database from various database vendors at cheap rates and use SaaS base e-mail tools for high volume low cost strategic campaigns. Tools recommended are E-mail Octopus &  Sendy
  5. Commenting: Commenting for related questions in Yahoo answers and other blogs might help you. It might be of low quality, but it certainly is not zero valued option.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for SEO services in Chennai, we would personally recommend you to attend this training program to gain knowledge on not only SEO but also SEO alternatives.

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